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Dear Event Organizers,

We are Zsuzsanna Fehér and Péter Hári, a Hungarian couple running Maya Center & AyurPress, an ayurvedic health center and book publisher. On 2014 summer we started to build up our project in our 1.5Ha farm near Hévíz, in the beautiful countryside in Hungary. We are publishing ayurvedic books, providing Ayurvedic massage and some other health services, planting herbs and producing our own herbal remedies.

At Summer 2014 we began to travel to international alternative music and lifestyle festivals with our health stall – we presented workshops and ran a small stall at 4.49 in Hungary, Lost Theory and ­MoDem in Croatia, Transylvania Calling in Romania, Antaris Project, Indian Spirit and Zurück zu den Wurzeln in Germany, Burning Mountain and Summer Never Ends in Switzerland, Spirit Base and Psy Island in Czech Republic, Sonica and Wao in Italy, and the Boom in Portugal.

We would be really happy if we could travel to your event to take part with giving some workshops and provide some of our health products and services, if you are open for it.

We always try to keep a balance between working for people and working for our money – some of our services are non-profit, others are for-profit, so we are interested in different types of arrangements.

AyurPress festival

Teaching and trainings

In a 60-90 minutes workshop it is not really possible to get a deep knowledge of the topic. So we gladly teach massage strokes, oil making technics or any other things we know, continuously in our stall, what is basically not run as a simple shop but a place for discussions and learning as well.

Ayurvedic Knowledge-base – our library

As we are running an Ayurvedic book publisher, we have good contacts with different book publishers in the US and India, so we have a lot of educational books related with Ayurveda and some connected topics. We take these books to the events, and we give a calm place to the folks who want to relax and learn a bit more than we are able to teach in a short workshop.

Service for the Organizers

We know what organizing a huge event means... Lots of work and even more stress. From our non-profit services usually the most popular one is the free massage sessions for the organizers :) It can be arranged in a flexible way, dedicated a certain time slot on each days for crew members.


Our workshops are usually interactive, and flexibly suits to the local needs and possibilities. If you have a special workshop area, we can organize our workshop there, or we can do it in our stall in a certain time of a day.

We present workshops in the following topics:

Ayurvedic nutrition (theory and practice) - How to cook and eat in the ayurvedic way? Traditional Indian system in western practice. We help to define the bodytype with complex dosha-test and give advices to choose food according to that.

Ayurvedic massage (practice) - We train people some basic, easy-to-learn ayurvedic head massage technics, what can be used at home for relaxation. We teach how to make a proper massage oil which suits to one’s body type.

Oil-making methods - How to prepare high-quality massage oils and body creams for the different body types?

The length of the workshops is flexible – depends on you timetable and could be 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

For us it costs some money to get to festivals, and we work hard for the better mood of the people. So beside our non-profit activities we also need to offer some for-profit ayurvedic health services and home-made products to festival folks for regeneration purposes.

Ayurvedic Massage

We normally provide 4 different types of traditional ayurvedic oily massage:

Full body massage

Head massage

Shoulder massage

Face marma massage

We work for a really fair price: depending on the economic strength of the country, we usually ask for a 20-30 euros per hour (but we never denied a massage from anybody with lacking of funds).

Health Products

On the farm of our ayurvedic center we produce a lot of herbs (levander, calendula, lemongrass, peppermint etc.), and use them to make special herbal products, eg. massage oils, herbal tinctures and tea-mixes. We are selling them in nice packageing, for donation or a really fair price.

What do we need?

Not much...

What we really need is a place for our 3,0 x 4,0m closeable tent.

We really could be appriciated if you could give us some 230V electricity. We have the following accessories: small fridge (0,07 kW), massage oil heater (0.6-1.6 kW, used generally 2-3 minutes in an average hour), LED lights for night time opening hours (overall 0.1 kW) and an infra-heater for massages at night or in cold weather (1 kW). By the way, electricity is not a must – we can manage our needs by gas-powered tools, but we do not really like this because of the risks of using them in a closed plastic tent.

We need fresh water access, so it is really cool if we have a place to get it not so far away.

Finally, but of course we need a kind and flexible contact person, especially if you need our non-profit services like presenting workshop(s), training(s) etc.

So, these are all we need, and we are really flexible.


8371 Nemesbük
Szőlőhegyi utca 111.

Phone contacts:
(+36) 30 227 33 92
(+36) 30 319 56 43





  • Nemesbük, Szőlőhegyi út 111.
  • +36303195643
  • info [kukac] ayurpress [pont]


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